Angelica Panganiban, bigla na lamang naiyak habang nasa Thailand kasama si Gregg Homan

Angelica Panganiban, 35, has stirred buzz on social media after turning emotional during her recent Thailand trip together with her non-showbiz partner, Gregg Homan.

On their YouTube channel, The Homans, we learned that the couple finally uploaded the second part to their Thailand vlog.

However, what caught netizens off guard was Angelica suddenly turning emotional, crying at one point during their trip.

Upon seeing Angelica cry, Gregg could not help but tease the actress a little bit, before asking why she suddenly shed tears.

"Yan na naman po yung isang character niya. Di ko po alam kung anong pangalan nito eh. Bigla na lang siyang iiyak. Ba't ka umiiyak?" Gregg asked to which Angelica replied, "Ang saya ng buhay ko."

Gregg continued by telling Angelica that perhaps the driver is thinking that they were fighting which made the actress laugh.

"Baka isipin nung driver nag-aaway tayo. Di ka naiiyak dahil pauwi tayo?" Gregg asked. Eventually, Angelica said she was just overwhelmed by her own happiness, "Ang saya ng buhay ko, parang ang saya lang. Overwhelming lang yung happiness."

Needless to say, some netizens could not help but relate to the actress's emotions, with some wishing her and Gregg nothing but the best.

Watch the video below: