Ciara Sotto, solusyon sa mga cheating partner: “Ihatid mo sa pintuan palabas”

Ciara Sotto offered a quick and instant solution for those who have partners found to be cheating.

The celebrity mom was having her Q&A session on her vlog located on her YouTube channel where followers get to ask various types of questions.

A follower then asked Ciara how she would deal with a cheating partner, though the celebrity mom said she can’t deal with that kind of stuff.

“I can’t deal with cheating,” Ciara said, adding that if the guy cheats, then it’s goodbye.

She then advised that if the cheating partner is already fed up with his companion, then the he should be let go.

“Bigay nyo na sa kanila kung ayaw niya sa ‘yo. Kung ayaw na nila sa ‘yo, bye,” Ciara said.

The celebrity mom also said that if they wanted out, then one should show them the door and let them out.

“Kung gusto na nilang umalis, ihatid mo sa pintuan palabas,” the celebrity mom.

She then added, “Sipain mo pa,” though clarified she was just joking: “Joke lang, joke lang,” Ciara said.

Ciara has a son from an ex-partner and is into a co-parenting arrangement with the father of her kid.