Cong. Guanzon, di raw lahat ng nanalo ng award magaling: "Yung iba scam. Gosh"

Cong. Rowena Guanzon took to Twitter anew and made another cryptic post.

She didn't name anyone in her tweet but pertained generally to people who win awards.

The congresswoman said that not everyone who wins an award are really good.

"jwu! hindi lahat ng nanalo ng award magaling," was the first line of Guanzon's tweet.

Thereafter, she said that there are others, which are actually a "scam."

"Yung iba scam. Gosh..."

Previously, Guanzon tweeted a question, where she asked when was the time that she became a purveyor of fake news.

In the same tweet, she also warned an unnamed lawyer.

"Kelan pa ako naging purveyor of fake news ? Attorney (who?) baka ka ma disbar. Careful... #Bardagulan"

Maria Rowena Amelia Villena Guanzon, is a Filipina lawyer. She is a public servant and politician. She served COMELEC from 2015 to 2022.