Cong. Rowena Guanzon, humirit sa isang "manipulative sadgurl"

Cong. Rowena Guanzon took to Facebook and shared a cryptic post about a girl, whom she described as "manipulative."

Her exact quote was "manipulative sadgurl huhu."

It has already gotten thousands of reactions and hundreds of shares.

There was actually no mention of a name or if it was intended for someone.

Prior to her "manipulative sadgurl" post, she also posted about those who love posting motivational quotes, then later activate the "pa-victim card" and with a matching iyak-iyak.

The congresswoman has been making cryptic posts and at times would also address people directly.

At one point, she mentioned the name of Ruffa Gutierrez in a tweet, when she sought for the truth with regards to two kasambahays who alleged that they were thrown out of a first class subdivision.

The matter of the two kasambahays is already with the NLRC as a formal complaint has been filed by the former two househelpers of the actress against her.

Maria Rowena Amelia Villena Guanzon, is a Filipina lawyer. She is a public servant and politician. She served COMELEC from 2015 to 2022.