Guanzon, sinabing hindi raw kinaya ni Ruffa ang "B for Bardagulan" kaya nag-private

Cong. Rowena Guanzon took to Twitter and retweeted the question of a netizen about Ruffa, as well as provided her answer in her tweet.

The netizen asked what she did to Ruffa and why the latter has made her account private.

"Inano niyo si Ruffa? Bakit nag-private? hahahaha" asked the netizen.

The congresswoman then retweeted the question of the netizen, and added her answer to the said tweet.

"Hindi niya kinaya ang letter B for Bardagulan," was Guanzon's tweet.

It can be recalled that the congresswoman initially asked Ruffa Gutierrez if there was truth to the issue about the kasambahays, where they were allegedly thrown out of a first class subdivision.

The actress then responded , and thereafter a series of cryptic posts were posted by the actress, including the mother of the actress, Annabelle Rama, as well as the congresswoman.

On July 13, Ruffa has made her Twitter account private, in a sense that only approved followers would be able to view her tweets.