Janno Gibbs, tinawag na “ipokrita” ang basher na may spiritual message sa profile

Janno Gibbs called a netizen an alleged “hypocrite” after she posted several thumbs-down emojis on his post.

The singer-actor then pointed out to the said netizen that a religious quote was written on his profile, indicating that it’s the opposite of her behavior.

“With God anything is possible,” Janno wrote in the comment section of a post that he reposted on his Instagram Stories.

He also revealed that the netizen included the words: “heal, grow, love” in his profile description.

The singer-actor then indicated that the religious quote appeared to be in contradiction with the netizen’s attitude.

“Yan nakasulat sa profile mo. Ipokrita!” Janno wrote.

It wasn’t clear what post of Janno elicited a thumb down emoji sign from the basher.

The singer-actor also recently slammed another basher for questioning why Janno is sad that former VP Leni Robredo lost in the elections, suggesting that he should just go back to work and complain about taxes.

Janno is one of the most ardent celebrity supporters of then VP Leni.