Jennica Garcia, nawindang sa kokonting mushroom sa soup kahit andami sa picture ng produkto

Jennica Garcia took to Instagram and shared her experience with the mushroom soup that she bought from the grocery.

She was really dismayed because in the picture, there was a lot of mushrooms shown.

However, upon cooking, one could see that there was no mushroom at all.

Just the same, Jennica made a proper and fair assessment of the brand, because the soup really does taste like mushroom.

She just contented herself with imagining that there was mushroom in the mushroom soup.


Sa picture ang daming po buong mushroom, pero nung niluto mo wala naman po.

Pero bigay po natin sa brand na lasang mushroom naman po talaga.

Hindi niyo nga lang po makikita.

Bali IMAGINE lang po natin na may mushroom po."

Born on December 26, 1989, Jennica Garcia is a Filipina actress who is the daughter of veteran actress, Jean Garcia. She is married to her co-actor, Alwyn Uytingco, with whom she has two children.