Lolit, sinabing si Bea lang umano ang sasaya pag nawala siya: “Lakas kulam niya sa akin”

Manay Lolit Solis, in a recent post on Instagram, said that the only person who would perhaps rejoice if she would be gone is Bea Alonzo.

The veteran columnist have been mentioning the name of Bea for months in some of her posts after the actress allegedly crossed out the veteran columnist’s name on a guest list of an event.

After that, Manay Lolit has been criticizing Bea in many of her posts.

In one of her latest posts, the veteran columnist expressed her appreciation to friends who were concerned about her present health condition.

She then said that in case she would be gone, perhaps the only person who would be happy is Bea.

“Talagang appreciate ko ang mga friends na lagi na ay inaalala ang condition ko. Dahil si Bea Alonzo lang naman ang sasaya pag nawala ako,” Manay Lolit wrote.

She said, however, that it’s not going to happen anytime soon because she has many followers like a certain Leo Espinosa who would always pray for her good health.

“Kaya Sorry Bea, mas malakas prayers nila Leo Espinosa , hah hah hah,” the veteran columnist said.

Manay Lolit then admitted the craziness of it all sometimes because even at the weakest point of her health, she’s still thinking about Bea.

“Kaloka talaga na kahit nanghihina ako si Bea Alonzo parin ang nasa utak ko,” she wrote.

The veteran columnist then joked that the actress must have cast a strong spell on her.

“Bongga siya ha, lakas kulam niya sa akin, joke joke joke,” Manay Lolit said.