Lolit Solis, pabirong sinabi lalabanan niya ang kulam umano ni Bea Alonzo: “Ayaw ni Mr. Fu na patalo kami noh”

Manay Lolit Solis jokingly said that she will fight off what she called as the alleged hex of Bea Alonzo on her.

This is what the veteran showbiz columnist said in one of her most recent posts on her Instagram account.

“Pero maniwala kayo, kahit 75 na ako, lalabanan ko ang kulam ni Bea Alonso, hah hah hah,” Manay Lolit said in her post.

She then said that her colleague Mr. Fu wouldn’t like it if she doesn’t fight the alleged hex of Bea.

“Ayaw ni Mr. Fu na patalo kami noh,” she added.

Earlier in the same post, the veteran columnist was talking about her failing health, which she cited as reason why she wasn’t able to make a lot of posts on her Instagram page.

She revealed that her doctor told her that what she’s going through right now is part of her aging process.

Despite her condition, however, she was still able to insert the name of Bea, whom she has been calling out and bashing for a couple of months now.