Maggie Wilson, inalok ng tulong ng ilang mga politicians at international lawyers

Maggie Wilson, 33, took to her social media account to share how humbled she was after several people reached out to her privately to extend their help and support.

On her Instagram account, @wilsonmaggie, we learned that the TV host wrote a text post, stating that she will "be a voice for every woman" going through the same thing.

Previously, Maggie made headlines when she accused some of the people working for her ex-husband, Victor Consunji, of entering her home illegally.

The 33-year-old social media influencer even went as far as to upload a 6-minute video clip, detailing what allegedly happened in her home in the Philippines.

"They entered my home and took videos of personal belongings of those of myself and my family illegally. This is a very real threat," Maggie stated.

Following this news, Maggie posted an update on her Instagram account, stating that politicians, international governments, and lawyers have reached out.

"So humbled to know that so many politicians, international governments (offering asylum), international lawyers, and human rights group for supporting me and reaching out privately. We've got this, together. I will help bring change and be a voice for every woman going through the same thing I am in the Philippines," Maggie wrote.