Ogie, pabirong tinawag sarili na historian kasunod ng viral statement ni Ella

Ogie Diaz took to Twitter and jokingly said that they are no longer vloggers or mariteses, rather, they are historians.

He tweeted about his latest Showbiz Update vlog, with the title, "Ella Cruz, masasakit na salita ang tinanggap."

Ella Cruz previously stated that "history is like chismis," which earned reactions from the online community, including a number of celebrities.

Gretchen Ho, Agot Isidro and Pokwang, all called out the actress and considered her statement to be erroneous.

Thus, Ogie, upon tweeting about his vlog, included an intriguing caption.

"Hindi po kami vloggers or Marites. Kami po ay mga historians."

In another tweet, he reiterated the same in response to a netizen who jokingly said that her favorite "historian" is Ogie.

"Hahaha! Hindi na po kami Marites. Historians na po kami."

Ogie Diaz is a comedian and a talent manager who once handled the careers of Vice Ganda and Liza Soberano. He is also among the most outspoken celebs as he will not mince words when he comments on something, whether it be in showbiz or politics.