Video ni Skusta Clee habang kumakanta ng "Ang Sarap Maging Single", viral na

Skusta Clee has once again trended on social media due to his latest online post where he could be seen and heard jamming to an OPM song playing in the background.

On his Instagram account, @extraordinaryl, Trending Bytes learned that the Filipino rapper-singer uploaded a short clip of himself jamming to the song, Ang Sarap Maging Single.

The song, Ang Sarap Maging Single, was originally sung by the OPM band, Eeevee from Davao City who were the champions in the Powerhouse Last Quarter OPM of Nescafe.

In the viral video clip, Skusta Clee could be seen and heard jamming hard to the song, and even typed some of its iconic lyrics in the video.

"Sabay sabay nating isagaw! ANG SARAP MAGING SINGLE!" the rapper wrote in the video he posted on his Instagram account.

However, netizens could not help but speculate if Skusta Clee and Aira Lipata, his rumored girlfriend, have broken up.

Watch the video below: