Xian Gaza, apat na taong di naka-move on kay Ella Cruz: “Wala naman akong ibang ginawa kundi mahalin ka”

Xian Gaza, in a video he recently uploaded on his Facebook account, tearfully admitted that he wasn’t able to move on from his alleged relationship with Ella Cruz for some time.

The controversial Internet celebrity said that it took him four long years to recover from the pain he claimed to have suffered.

“Apat na taon akong di maka-move on sayo!” Xian said in his video post.

The said footage is part of a longer video he uploaded showing Ella admitting she knew Xian in an interview with Boy Abunda.

The actress said she and Xian parted ways, though it wasn’t all that friendly somehow.

Xian immediately contradicted the “somehow” part of the statement of Ella and said it was not a friendly parting at all.

“Ano'ng medyo hindi ka dyan? Talagang hindi! Pano ginhost mo ako!” Xian said.

He then revealed that when Ella came home from South Korea, he couldn’t reach him anymore.

“Pagkagaling mo ng South Korea hindi na kita makontak kahit saan! Binlock mo pala ako sa lahat!” the controversial Internet personality said.

Xian then pretended to cry and amid supposed tears, he said Ella threw him away like trash.

“Tinapon mo ako na parang isang basura Ella ang sakit sakit!” he said.

He then claimed he did nothing to the actress except to to love her and make her happy.

“Wala naman akong ibang ginawa kundi mahalin ka at pasayahin ka, ba't ka ganyan!” Xian said.