Zeinab Harake expresses frustration in cryptic post: "la na talaga pera?"

Zeinab Harake made a huge buzz once again with another cryptic tweet.

It looks like she was alluding to someone in her tweet, but she didn't mention that person's name.

"Ngayon may anak ka? mangaaway ka ng mga tao? bakit? kasi maglalabas ka na naman ng kanta? La na talaga pera? gusto mo na lang gulo para umingay? Tama kana wala ka ng magagamit pagod na lahat sayo," she wrote.

Zeinab had a lot of brave questions for that person. She also accused him of trying to gain attention because he would release a song.

It is noticeable that Zeinab's tweet can no longer be found on her account.

See Zeinab's tweet below:

Zeinab Harake is one of the most popular vloggers and social media stars in the Philippines. She is best known for the unique, fun and creative content in her vlogs. The female influencer is formerly in a relationship with rapper Skusta Clee, and they have a daughter named Bia.