Kasama ni Jovelyn Galleno sa simbahan, nakita umano dalaga nakasakay sa Innova nung Aug. 16

An acquaintance of Jovelyn Galleno from the church, allegedly executed an affidavit, stating that he or she saw the teen riding an Innova around 3 p.m. on Aug. 16, stated a report from Radyo Bandera Philippines.

"Hindi po kami nagpapabaya," said the younger sister of Jovelyn.

The reporter also noted that the numbers that were included in the "missing" report could no longer be contacted.

To this, the sister said that she doesn't know.

She said though that they are just busy with their enrollment.

The reporter also confirmed with the younger sister of Jovelyn if the affidavit stating that they saw the teen ride an Innova on the said afternoon reached them.

She said that it did and they are just still waiting for updates from the police.

Jovelyn Galleno is a 22-year-old mall worker in Palawan. She was reported missing on Aug. 5 and according to her sister. The employer of Jovelyn stated that she already logged out around 6:30 p.m. on that day. The sister also stated that Jovelyn even chatted with one of their siblings but she never made it home.