Kylie Padilla, binahagi kung paano si Gerald Anderson bilang katrabaho: "Napaka gentleman"

Kylie Padilla, 29, took to social media to hold yet another fun Q&A session for her fans and followers where she was then asked about Gerald Anderson.

Previously, netizens were stunned when Mavx Productions announced that Kylie and Gerald would be working together on an upcoming film called, Unravel.

Following this news, we learned that several videos and photos taken behind-the-scenes of the shoot trended among netizens on social media.

On her Instagram account, @kylienicolepadilla, one netizen asked how it was like to be working with Gerald on the film.

"How's working with Gerald Anderson?" they asked to which Kylie revealed how much of a professional Gerald is, "So professional. Napaka gentleman. Also, husay umarte. It was just an honor to watch him work."

Needless to say, tons of netizens are already excited to watch Kylie and Gerald for the first time in Unravel, with some of their scenes being taken in Switzerland.