Mariel Padilla, sinupalpal ang body-shaming comment ng netizen: "Napakasama"

Mariel Padilla, 37, just received an unwanted comment about her body during her recently-concluded live selling posted on her Facebook page.

On August 7, Sunday, we learned that the celebrity mom was ecstatic to be back online with her live selling after being busy during the election period.

However, during her live selling, one netizen suddenly wrote an unsolicited comment about the actress's body.

In her viral live-selling video, the celebrity mom could then be seen and heard reading the comment of the netizen out loud.

Upon reading the comment of the netizen, Mariel immediately responded to the netizen and said she gave birth two times already.

"Napakasama naman nitong taong 'to. 'What happened to your body' daw. Okay, nanganak ako, two times, okay? Ikaw? What happened to your attitude? O diba, nakipag-away," Mariel said.

Watch the video below (10:00 hit mark):