RR Enriquez likens Jane de Leon's 'Darna' to Gal Gadot's 'Wonder Woman'

RR Enriquez has finally reacted to Jane de Leon's portrayal of the superheroine, Darna and even likened it to Gal Gadot's portrayal of Wonder Woman.

On Saturday, August 20, we learned that the 'SawsaweRRa Queen' lauded Jane for showing a different kind of Darna to the current generation.

According to RR, Jane's portrayal of the superheroine is far from Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera's portrayal back in the day.

"Hindi siya yung tipo na pagnanasaan mo dahil napaka inosente ng dating niya. Hindi katulad ng dating nila Angel and Marian na pagnanasaan mo agad," she pointed out.

She then continued on by saying that she finally understands why Jane was eventually chosen to portray the superheroine.

"Parang gets ko na why she was chosen as Darna. Parang si Wonder Woman! Gal Gadot peg lang. I saw Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman in her) Hindi rin siya pa super séxy diba? So that’s what I saw with Jane... Pinatunayan niya na hindi kailangan maging super pa-séxy to prove that you’re séxy Darna na pinagpapantasyahan because of your body," RR said.

According to RR, Jane's Darna packaging is different since the superheroine is no longer portrayed as a séx symbol but as a "strong, defined, classy, young, empowered Darna."

"Maganda po ang packaging niya so gets ko na po si ABS-CBN. So ayun po, congrats Jane! You nailed it," she said.