Sharon Cuneta, naglakas-loob pumunta ng Lotto outlet para tumaya: “I bought a Lotto ticket for the first time”

Sharon Cuneta, in one of her recent posts on Instagram, said that she went to a store to personally pick the Lotto numbers to bet on.

The Megastar is in the United States for her “ICONIC” concert with Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez.

It can be recalled in her previous posts that Shawie got sick right after the concert and had to stay in the US for some time.

Regine went ahead of her and is already back home in the Philippines.

In one of her latest updates on IG, Shawie narrated that she was already able to go out of her hotel after getting sick.

She said that while she still felt a bit weak, she decided to take a stroll.

“Was still feeling a bit weak - til now am not feeling 100% yet - but it was really nice being able to take a walk! Weather was nice,” Shawie wrote in her Instagram post.

Mega also revealed that she passed by a store and decided to bet on some Lotto numbers, adding that it was the first time she did such thing.

“And I bought a Lotto ticket for the first time ever ako ang nagpunta sa store at pumili ng numbers,” Mega said.

Shawie did not say which lottery she placed her bet on. There are two popular lottery draws in the United States, namely, Mega Millions and Powerball.