Suspects in Jovelyn Galleno case said they are victim's relatives; explains motive

Authorities have given huge updates regarding the disappearance of Jovelyn Galleno in Palawan. One of the two suspects in the case showed the police where the alleged remains of the missing woman are located. One of the suspects allegedly raped and murdered Jovelyn while the other suspect served as his lookout, according to a video report by Radyo Bandera Philippines.

Furthermore, the two suspects are relatives of Jovelyn. Based on initial investigations, the suspects committed the crime because they were attracted to Jovelyn.

The police said that the skull and bones discovered will undergo DNA testing to confirm if they belong to Jovelyn.

Aside from the bones, the police also discovered ID cards and other belongings at the scene. Jovelyn’s family members confirmed that those things belonged to the missing woman.

Jovelyn Galleno is a 22-year-old mall worker in Palawan. She was reported missing on Aug. 5, according to her sister. The employer of Jovelyn stated that she already logged out around 6:30 p.m. on that day.