Whamos, napilitang matulog sa labas ng kuwarto matapos na pinalabas ni Antonette

Whamos Cruz may need to sleep outside the bedroom after he was shooed away by Antonette.

It would seem that Whamos may have done something that got into the nerves of his partner, who is pregnant.

Antonette kept on telling him "Labas" and it was done with such force and urgency that Whamos simply followed.

He brought his pillow and other stuff out of the bedroom.

Antonette was not really in the best of moods and her irritation at her partner was very apparent.

"Labas ka dito...Labas," she kept on saying with her disdain really showing on her face.

Whamos Cruz is a TikTok and YouTube content creator and a social media star. Aside from his viral videos on social media, he also went viral after joining Idol Philippines where judges there became fond of him. It can be recalled that Whamos and his partner, Antonette, became popular when their case reached the program of Raffy Tulfo.