Whamos, nataranta nang pumutok ang bartholin cyst ni Antonette: "Pumutok na nga"

Whamos Cruz, in a video uploaded on Antonette Gail’s Facebook page, was shown visibly restless to the point of panicking after the bartholin cyst of his girlfriend burst.

It can be recalled that several days ago, Whamos brought his girlfriend to the hospital after she complained of feeling pain in a delicate area of her body.

Doctors attending to Antonette at the emergency room of the hospital where she was brought later determined that the cause of the pain is a bartholin cyst.

The social media influencer has been trying out some traditional treatment methods in order to hasten the healing of Antonette’s cyst.

This includes boiling guava leaves and using its extract to wash Antonette’s affected area.

In the video, Whamos indicated that they have been using the said treatment for some time now.

It isn’t clear whether the said traditional treatment played a part in the bursting of the cyst, though Whamos said it might have.

Whamos was the one who even gathered guava leaves and prepared the whole concoction for his partner.