Carlos Agassi, hindi napigilan na maiyak sa video dahil sa kanyang knee injury

Carlos Agassi could not help but shed tears as he talks about his knee injury in a viral video posted by his non-showbiz girlfriend, Sarina Yamamoto.

Previously, Carlos revealed in an online post that he met an accident and sustained an injury from a bad landing.

Following this news, we learned that Sarina posted a 22-minute vlog on her channel about Carlos' operation day.

In the viral video, the actor-singer could be seen using a walking aid in order to move around their home.

Eventually, at the ending of the vlog, Sarina revealed she was not aware that Carlos took such videos where he shed tears over his situation.

"It's been weeks since I can't walk, can't even walk pet my dogs or my cats," he began. According to Carlos, "I feel useless. Thank God for my mom and Sarina, all the positivity out there from my friends and family, thanks, guys."

At one point, Carlos even pleaded to God to still let him walk despite the injury he recently sustained.

"Grabe, the regular things that you do? I have surgery pa on Tuesday, I can't wait to walk. Please, Lord, let me walk," he said.

Watch the video below: