Claudine, hiling kay Dennis tigilan na si Julia: “Maawa ka sa mga Bata. Pls stop”

Claudine Barretto, the aunt of actress Julia Barretto, through an Instagram post is imploring comedian Dennis Padilla to stop talking about his daughter because they are starting to become “kawawa.”

Julia is the estranged daughter of the comedian with Marjorie Barretto, the elder sister of Claudine.

In her post, Clau implored Dennis to stop what he’s doing out of pity to his children.

“@dennisastig Kuya Tama na! Tumigil ka na pls! Sumusobra ka na! Maawa ka sa mga Bata.pls stop!” Claudine wrote.

She also asked Dennis if both of them could talk.

“Mag usap tayo,” Claudine said.

It can be recalled that Julia, the niece of Claudine, recently talked to vlogger and award-winning journalist Karen Davila about her relationship with her father.

During that interview, Julia made several statements about her estranged father, claiming that she “needed more love” from the comedian.

Later, Dennis, through several posts on his Instagram account, said that many of the statements of Julia about him were not accurate.

He then asked Karen to be fair and to also interview him so he could air his side.

Dennis’ posts have since been deleted from his IG account.