Julia Barretto opens up about relationship with her father: "I'm just really scared"

Julia Barretto, 25, was recently interviewed by Karen Davila where she was asked about her current relationship with her father, Dennis Padilla.

During their conversation, we learned that Julia openly admitted that she has not yet spoken to her father.

In the viral interview, Julia shared her fears about talking to her father again and how their relationship panned out through the years.

"One of the things I wanted to ask you is also your relationship with your father. Where are you now with your dad?" Karen asked.

According to Julia, there's a lot of fear inside her and that over the years, it has become a cycle of "making up and then getting hurt."

"I'll be very honest, we have not spoken and it's because there's just so much fear inside me now if I'm being very open," she began. Julia then continued, "You know, I kinda just want to... huminga lang muna from that cycle and I've just been praying also na... I don't know, maybe in God's time and way, you know, na mag-meet kami in the middle without having to get hurt again."

When Karen asked if she already forgave her father, Julia said it is not difficult to forgive but that it is "difficult to really trust."

"I think, it's not difficult for us to forgive but it's difficult to really trust. It's not the forgiveness, Tita, it's to forget. But I think, it's also just, there's just a lot of fear because I don't know what's gonna happen. But forgiveness, of course, definitely. That's for my own peace of mind diba? Hindi ko ipagkakait ang forgiveness but I'm just not ready," she confessed.

At one point, during the interview, Julia admitted that she needed "more love" and "more protection" from her father.

"I just need more love from him, I think. I just need more love, more protection. I just feel like, he should be my number one protector and that's not really what I'm getting right now from him so it does hurt. It does hurt because dapat siya yung tinatakbuhan ko diba? But, it's sad that I can't," she said.

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