Kat Alano sa suportang natatanggap mula sa kalalakihan: “Gentlemen, I see you”

Kat Alano is making the rounds on social media again with her new cryptic posts on her Twitter account.

One of her recent posts shows Kat appreciating the support she receives from men.

“A lot of MEN supporting me. Gentlemen, I see you,” she tweeted.

According to the former VJ and model, she is thankful to have such men as allies and stressed how women need them.

“I am so grateful to have you as allies. Women NEED YOU to fight this. Because YOU know what predators look like.”

She further continued, “Why do men warn women about going out with guys? BECAUSE THEY KNOW THIS STUFF HAPPENS.”

“They know these guys,” Kat added.

Kat Alano is an English-Filipino model, actress and television presenter. She became known as a former VJ of MTV Philippines. She also appeared in several movies such as "No Other Woman" and "In the Name of Love."