Owner ng inakusahang ga-balat na lechon, umalma; wala raw talaga kasi taba yung baboy

Linda Mendoza, the owner of the Mendoza Lechon House in Bacolod, which was accused by a customer of delivering an allegedly very thin lechon for the price of P5,999 has responded to such allegations and raised some defense.

As per DZRH, Mendoza said that they did not cheat on the customer because what's included in her order was the lechon and two more dishes — valenciana and spaghetti.

Aside from this, Mendoza also mentioned that it was quite normal for the lechon to be thin since it was a Bisayang Lechon.

The customer posted photos of the lechon they received and the photos went viral.

Viral stories are often the ones that touch the emotions of people. Many of these stories are about how people overcome the obstacles facing them and became victorious. Others are about humorous circumstances, though there are a few that talk about sad endings.