Sheryn, finlex singsing na bigay ng partner na si Mel de Guia: “My heart leaps with joy”

Sheryn Regis took to Instagram to proudly show to her followers the ring that her partner, YouTube content creator Mel de Guia, gave her on the occasion of their first anniversary as a couple.

In her post, the singer said her heart is leaping with joy and excitement because of the wonderful surprise gift. She also expressed gratefulness to Mel.

“Langga @meldeguia_ My heart leaps with joy and excitement because of this beautiful surprise 1st Anniversary gift but most of all I am grateful,” Sheryn wrote.

She also said that she’s got many things to say to Mel for everything her partner did for her. She also thanked Mel for the unconditional love.

“I have a lot of words to utter from my heart to thank you for everything that you have done for me. Thank you for the unconditional love,” the singer said.

Sheryn then revealed that her first year of being together with Mel speaks volumes when it comes to love and happiness.

The singer then expressed her great love for her partner, and at the same time, greeted Mel a happy anniversary.

“1st year of being together speaks a lot of love,happiness, tears and joy of the challenges we encountered in our everyday lives.I thank the Lord for giving me YOU .I love you more and more each day. Happy 1st Anniversary to us Langga ko,” Sheryn said.