Toni Gonzaga, nagpasalamat sa mga netizens sa pag-trend ng Shopee

Toni Gonzaga has thanked netizens all over social media for making the app, Shopee, trend after she was revealed as their latest celebrity endorser.

In a video, taken by Nickie Wàng, Trending Bytes learned that the 'Ultimate Multimedia Star' gave a speech about how happy she is to be part of Shopee.

According to Toni, being the brand's latest celebrity endorser is one of the biggest blessings she has considered this year.

During her speech on being Shopee's brand endorser, Toni said she is thankful to the netizens who helped them trend.

"We're thankful for the trending na ginawa sa atin ng mga netizens because they helped us with the engagements, mentions, and they're also helping promote Shopee more. So we are grateful for that because you are promoting Shopee," she began.

The 38-year-old actress then mentioned that it is a "happy experience" to be part of a family that "gives so much service."

"It's such a happy happy experience to be part of a family that, you know, gives so much service. Service to the Filipinos, joy to the Filipinos, convenience to the Filipinos, and I feel really blessed," she said.

At the end of her speech, Toni said that being part of Shopee is "one of the biggest blessings" that she considers this year.

"This is one of the biggest blessings that I consider this year, to be a part of Shopee, a brand and an app that I truly truly trust for so many years," Toni revealed.

Watch the video below: