Zeinab Harake, kinumpirma na umano na "in a relationship" siya ngayon

The reason for the glow of Zeinab Harake may have just been unveiled by the vlogger herself.

News5 reported that Zebby has allegedly confirmed that she is in a relationship now.

While this may be the case, Zeinab allegedly wanted to keep it lowkey.

The rationale may be simple, as she wants her relationship with her boyfriend to remain private.

She just allegedly wanted to have her own privacy.

Zeinab did not name who her current boyfriend is but previous IG posts of Zebby showed her happy with a guy.

The split of Zeinab with her ex-partner Skusta Clee has become controversial after she posted a photo where she lost her second baby, but Skusta could not be seen in the picture.

As per Bandera, Zebby allegedly cried every day when she and Skusta parted ways.

Zeinab also stated that while she may not be perfect, she was not remiss in her relationship with Skusta.

Zeinab Harake is one of the most popular vloggers and social media stars in the Philippines. She is best known for the unique, fun and creative content in her vlogs. The female influencer is formerly in a relationship with rapper Skusta Clee, and they have a daughter named Bia.