Angelica Panganiban finally reveals baby Amila's adorable face in viral post

Angelica Panganiban just made the hearts of netizens swoon with her latest online post on Instagram about her unica hija, Amila Sabine Homan.

On Thursday, October 20, we learned that the actress finally decided to reveal baby Amila's face to her fans and followers.

In the photos, netizens gushed over how sweet and cute Amila was, who even flashed a smile for the camera.

Not only did baby Amila show a smile for everyone to see but even posed adorably in one of the photos that Angelica had posted.

With one hand tucked underneath her chin, Amila showed a cheeky smile for the photo, with her one eye almost winking.

In the caption of her online post, Angelica wrote, "Hello world! It’s been a month. Mom and dad are finally ready to share me with you. So, here I am."

It is worth recalling that Angelica and her non-showbiz partner, Gregg Homan, officially welcomed their baby to the world on September 20 of this year.