Anthony Taberna criticizes people who canceled Shopee due to Toni Gonzaga

Anthony Taberna reacted to the news that some people have deleted their Shopee accounts after the company hired Toni Gonzaga as its new endorser.

Those people were displeased with the hiring of Gonzaga due to her support for President Bongbong Marcos and for supposedly whitewashing the alleged atrocities during the Marcos regime.

According to Taberna's statement during his Tune In With Tunying live YouTube video, those people who canceled Shopee have not learned their lessons.

Taberna believes that boycotting Shopee is foolishness and that majority of Filipinos do not approve of boycotting the said company.

He also advised those people to move on, stop bickering, and avoid hurting themselves.

“Wala kayong kadala-dala… ‘yang boycott-boycott n’yo na ‘yan malaking kalokohan ‘yan…

“Marami nang Pilipino ang nabu-buwiset diyan sa boycott, boycott i-style n’yo na ‘yan.

“Hindi pa ba kayo nakaka-move on...

“Lagi na lang tayong nag-aaway… Puwede ba tama na? Sinasaktan n’yo lang ang sarili n’yo,” Ka Tunying said.