Groom na nagkamali sa sinabi niyang wedding vow, viral na sa social media

A video of a groom saying his wedding vows to his wife has recently trended all over social media and even managed to catch the attention of Luis Manzano.

On Facebook, we learned that the same day edit video of newlyweds, Paolo and Angel have been trending online due to the groom's hilarious mistake.

In the video, as the groom read his vows aloud, he suddenly mistook the word "sayo" for the word "sa inyo" which made the guests laugh.

At the beginning of the SDE video shot by Chinggoy Futol Photography, the groom could be heard listing the terms of endearment for his wife.

However, everyone was stunned when the groom suddenly said "sa inyo" in the viral video, which also made him laugh.

"Angelica, taba, baby, love, at ngayon asawa. Yan yung mga tinatawag ko sa inyo, sayo. Sa inyo tuloy," he said, making both his wife and the guests laugh in the viral video.

The said video, not only trended online, but even caught the attention of Luis Manzano who reposted it on his Instagram.

In his reposted story, the actor-host hilariously wrote, "At dun nagtatapos ang kwento nila..."

Watch the original video here by Chinggoy Futol Photography: