Joshua, Janella, halikan sa Darna scene, viral; aktor, binansagang “Higop King”

Joshua Garcia earned the nickname “Higop King” in various social media circles after his intense kissing scene with Janella Salvador in the TV series Darna went viral.

The actor portrays the character of a young police officer named Brian Robles, a Police Senior Master Sergeant.

Janella, meanwhile, portrays the double role of Valentina, who happens to be the arch-enemy of Darna, and lawyer and socmed personality, Atty. Regina Vanguardia.

In the series, Valentina / Atty. Regina has romantic feelings for the young police officer.

In a video shared by The Pinoy Channel on YouTube, Joshua appeared to have initiated the kiss and Janella seem to have accepted the situation.

The result is an intense scene that might have titillated the minds of some netizens who immediately reposted the video and write their comments about the scene.

Eventually, some netizens took to calling the actor a “Higop King,” which might presumably have something to do with the way he kissed Janella.

The moniker seemed to have stuck since eventually, many in the social media circles started referring to Joshua in that particular scene as “Higop King.”