Mariel Padilla, naiyak nang inalala ang pagbabati nila ni Toni Gonzaga

Mariel Padilla was the first guest on Toni Gonzaga’s talk show for the new television network ALLTV (AMBS). We learned that a clip from the pilot episode has been uploaded on Toni’s YouTube channel Toni Gonzaga Studio.

Toni and Mariel spoke on the show about their friendship, revealing that they had a falling out twice already. The first rift was in 2007 and it was kept private – with Toni’s sister Alex Gonzaga mediating between the two.

The second rift was in 2010 and it became a big headline back then. According to Toni, her parents helped her reconcile with Mariel by reminding her about the latter’s loyalty and support for her throughout the years.

Mariel got emotional and shed tears while recalling how they reconciled, saying that she was filled with joy after getting invited to Toni’s bridal shower and her wedding to Paul Soriano.

According to Mariel, she was even included in the presidential table at the wedding reception.