Skusta Clee, pina-tattoo ang pangalan ni Bia; pinatakpan na rin ang "Zeinab" tattoo

Skusta Clee, or Daryl Ruiz, has stirred buzz among netizens on social media after posting an update on Instagram about his new set of tattoos.

In his recent Instagram stories, we learned that the Filipino rapper-singer decided to get a new tattoo at the side of his neck.

As seen in one of the photos he posted, Skusta got a new black and sleek tattoo with his daughter's name, "Bia."

It is worth noting that Bia Harake is Skusta's daughter with his former partner, Zeinab Harake, an internet personality and a famous vlogger.

However, what also caught the attention of eagle-eyed netizens was the tattoo behind Skusta's ear, which once had "Zeinab" inked on it.

Now, Skusta seemed to have covered it up and opted to go for a simple feather tattoo behind his ear this time around.

Aside from this, Skusta posted a photo of himself looking at Bia's photo on his phone, seemingly longing for his daughter.