Teddy Corpuz sa mga naglalabas ng private convo messages: "don’t be that kind of person"

Teddy Corpuz recently opened up about his opinion regarding people who expose private messages in public.

He also described such people as "pangit ka-bonding."

In another tweet, Teddy gave a valuable reminder to everyone. According to him, it's better to "talk and resolve your problems in private."

He further stated that disclosing private matters on social media is not always the solution.

"Pangit din pala ka bonding yung tropa mo na pag nagka galit kayo, ilalabas yung mga private convo messages nyo sa GC kahit matagal na di pa nya nabubura para nga naman may “resibo”. Pangit din pala yung ganun," he wrote.

"Don’t be that kind of person. Just talk and resolve your problems in private. Di naman kailangan daanin sa socmed ang lahat," he added.

See his tweet below:

Teddy Corpuz is the frontman of Rocksteddy. He is also among the hosts of the noontime show "It's Showtime" alongside Jugs Jugueta.