Maxene Magalona, nagbahagi ng makahulugang mensahe: "There is no ex I want back"

Maxene Magalona took to IG and shared a quote pertaining to things in the past, including exes and friendships.

In the quote, which was being expressed from the first person point of view, it stated, "There is no ex I want back."

It was then followed by another line that denoted that there is just no one from the past that the person wants.

"No one from my past I want back and that includes friendships."

It also thanked everyone for the lessons but stated that she is good now.

"Thanks for the lessons but I'm good now."

Aside from the most recent quote that she shared, the actress has also been sharing other inspirational quotes.

"Let's heal so we can stop accidentally hurting people we want to love because we are projecting our own wounds on to them."

Maxene Magalona is an actress and social media star in the Philippines. Her father is the late rap legend, Francis Magalona. The actress revealed in May 2020 that she has been seeing a psychiatrist due to her mental illness.