Mother-in-law ni Andrew Schimmer, binisita sa ospital ang anak na si Jho Rovero

Andrew Schimmer’s mother-in-law uploaded a new video on her “Help Jorhomy to Recover” YouTube channel.

The video shows the loving mother visiting and comforting her daughter Jorhomy “Jho” Rovero at St. Luke’s Medical Center.

She can also be heard in the video urging her daughter Jho to wake up so that she can spend time again with her husband, two children, and her siblings.

Jho got hospitalized after she suffered a severe asthma attack that led to cardiac arrest and brain hypoxia. She is now dealing with other health complications. According to her husband Andrew, Jho needs a lot of prayers because her health condition is worsening.

"We love you so much anak pagaling kana dito lang kami lagi para sayo," Jho's mom said.

In the comments section of the video, netizens praised Jho’s mom for being there for her daughter through thick and thin. Here are some of their comments:

“Ang strong nyo mother nakaya mo siya tingnan harapan. Mahina ako pagdating sa mga ganyanan parang diko kayanin tingnan in person nakakadurog ng puso talaga. Salute to you super mom!”

“It’s every parents’ heartache to see their child in this situation and feel that their child should never go before them. Mama, continue to stay strong for Jho and the whole fam.”

“Ang anak marinig lang ang boses ng ina lalo na sa ganitong kalagayan ay malaking bagay. Palagi nyong hawakan ang kanyang kamay kasi yung kamay ng tao ay mainit at nadadama yan ng maysakit, at kausapin nyo din sya ng malapitan”