Umano'y physical and verbal altercation ni Barbie Imperial at Debbie Garcia, nag-viral

Barbie Imperial and Debbie Garcia, a Vivamax actress, have recently been under the spotlight due to their alleged physical and verbal altercation.

On Tuesday, November 1, we learned that a viral video of the alleged altercation was posted online, catching the attention of netizens.

In the viral video, Barbie and Debbie allegedly got into a fight, prompting others to step in to separate the two actresses.

According to the video posted by Abante Teletabloid, Debbie allegedly went to the police station to formally write a statement about the incident.

The alleged physical and verbal altercation between Barbie and Debbie happened at one of the bars located in Quezon City.

It is worth noting, however, that the cause of the alleged fight are unknown and that both parties have yet to formally address the issue.

Watch the video below: