Janella Salvador, nanghingi ng explanation mula sa fans dahil sa natanggap na regalo

Janella Salvador spread good vibes on social media after posting about a gift she received from one of her fans.

We learned that on Twitter account, the “Mars Ravelo’s Darna” star shared a picture of the gift, which is a smoked fish.

Along with the said picture, Janella also uploaded a photo of her with an on-screen caption that reads, “I am confusion.”

“Hi vadengs thank you for the gifts ha but i think I need an explanation for this one,” the actress also said in her tweet.

In another tweet, Janella added, “Looks pretty tho.”

Meanwhile, here are some of the reactions on the celebrity mom’s hilarious post:

"Akala ko dummy account, totoo palang si Jea toh. Tawang tawa ako! Sino nagregalo nito"

"Hahaha natuwa naman ako sa tweet na ito! Can't stop laughing at the meme. But on a serious note, that is tinapang bangus. Bataan is known for 'tinapa' and 'tuyo'. Eat it with fried rice, salted egg, and hot coffee."

"Kalurkey kayo vadengs hahshshahahsh, sino nag regalo ne'to we need an explanation po hshahsahshsh"

"nakakaloka kayoooo sino nagregalo nito"

Check out Janella's tweets below:

Janella is a Filipina actress. She is the daughter of Jenine Desiderio and Rage band frontman, Juan Miguel Salvador. She rose to fame for her portrayal of Nikki Grace “Nik-Nik” Lim in "Be Careful With My Heart." She is now playing the role of Valentina in ABS-CBN's "Mars Ravelo's Darna" series.