Pinay teen, naiyak sa video pagkatapos ma-bash dahil sa $80 bag: "For me, it's a lot"

A Pinay teen, Zoe Gabriel, took to TikTok and uploaded a video, in response to many hate comments that she received after taking to the same social media platform, where she made an unboxing video for her Charles & Keith bag that her father bought for her.

One commenter said that she gets it that Zoe came from humble beginnings but calling Charles & Keith a luxury brand was too much.

Zoe then explained that her family did not have a lot, that buying bread from Bread Talk was such an occasional thing.

She also noted that every time they would pass by a store, their parents would always tell them, "next time," but that next time will not come.

In closing, Zoe said that for the netizen, the $80 bag may not be a luxury but for Zoe and her family, it is a lot and she was just so grateful that her father was able to buy her one, considering that he worked hard for the money.

"Your comment spoke volumes on how ignorant you seem because of your wealth. To you, an $80 bag may not be a luxury. For me and my family, it is a lot. And I'm so grateful that my dad was able to get me one. He worked so hard for that money," she said in the video.