Skusta Clee, ipinost "pogi ko" habang nilalambing ni Ava Mendes

Skusta Clee shared on his IG Stories, a video clip of him and Vivamax actress, Ava Mendez.

In the clip, Ava could be seen kissing the rapper on the cheek, while Skusta was striking cute poses.

He captioned his post with "pogi ko" while Ava was also looking at the camera, giving an attractive smile, and a totally sultry look.

On the other hand, Ava also posted a number of video clips that show how sweet she and Skusta are.

She even captioned her post with, "endlessly in love with you."

This certainly sent kilig vibes across social media, and it has gotten a lot of netizens reacting to the post.

In recent months, Skusta Clee became a trending topic on social media after he and ex-partner Zeinab Harake broke off.

Skusta Clee is a Filipino rapper and singer. He is also a songwriter and record producer. He is also a member of Ex Battalion, a popular Filipino hip-hop group.