Viral message ng delivery rider, kinagiliwan ng netizens: “I fertilized”

The message exchange between a Foodpanda rider and beauty queen Ganiel Krishnan has gone viral.

The beauty queen and journalist shared a screenshot of the exchange between her and the rider who was about to deliver some food stuff to her.

“I fertilized 2405, ma'am,” the first part of the exchange, which the Foodpanda rider sent, read.

The next part of the message exchange tells the reader that the rider must have already reached his destination.

“I'm out here, ma'am,” the rider wrote, to which Ganiel answered: “Okay po.”

The subsequent part of the exchange once again showed the driver explaining some things to the beauty queen.

“Ma'am, you will pay only 2405. The vendor says you will be refunded. I fertilized,” the rider wrote.

In her post, Ganiel admitted she had difficulty understanding the message of the Foodpanda rider.

“Pinilit ko intindihin si kuya foodpanda driver,” she said.

Finally, it dawned upon the beauty queen what the rider was trying to tell her.

“Nag abono pala siya. Fertilize nga naman,” Ganiel wrote, seemingly amused by it all.

Many netizens found the message exchange funny that soon, it gained more than 4K reacts and over a thousand shares.

Ganiel later clarified, however, that the messaging app of the delivery rider has an auto-translate function, which is why even if he did write the tagalog word that meant he’s the one who covered payment for the order, the app still translated it into “fertilize.”