Alex Gonzaga, nag-transform bilang Avatar; Toni Gonzaga, Mikee Morada, napamura

Alex Gonzaga, in her latest vlog, took her prank to the next level by transforming herself into an "Avatar."

The vlogger showed how she transformed from being herself, to being akin to one of the creatures in the movie.

When she finally ended her transformation, she pranked her husband, Mikee Morada, who was so surprised that he got to cursing.

Another one of her victims was her sister Toni Gonzaga, and their friend Liz Uy.

Like Mikee, Toni was just so surprised that she ended up cursing.

Those whom she pranked eventually became her allies in pranking other members of their family.

Mommy Pinty was also pranked by Alex, together with Mikee and Toni.

The only person who did not react to Alex's prank was Doc Chico.