Carla Abellana, inilahad mga rason bakit naghiwalay sila ni Tom Rodriguez: "Sobra na po"

Carla Abellana was a guest of Boy Abunda in the latter's "Fast Talk With Boy Abunda."

The actress opened up about her split with her ex-husband Tom Rodriguez.

Carla said that there were so many reasons why they split up, but she said that the bottom line is that she reached the breaking point.

"Napaka daming dahilan. But basically, bottom line po is kumbaga umabot na po sa breaking point. Sobra na po," Carla said.

She then enumerated the reasons why they split.

Carla said that there was disrespect, lies, and that it was not the first time that such happened to them, calling the situation as "malala na."

"There was still disrespect, all the lying, and all that. There was no change. Hindi po ‘yon first time na nangyari sa’min pero ito po ay taken to a different level. Extreme na po, mas malala na," said Carla.