Cesar Montano, pinayuhan ex-wife na si Sunshine na sana si Macky Mathay na talaga: “Sana wag niya na anuhin”

Cesar Montano, in a recent ambush interview, gave unsolicited advice to his ex-wife, Sunshine Cruz, regarding Quezon City councilor Macky Mathay.

Shine and Macky were said to be in a relationship for many years, though there have been rumors the couple had already broken up.

During the said ambush interview, the interviewer was heard telling Cesar that Sunshine allegedly gave him an ultimatum and advised him to get his acts together and be good from now on.

“Ano ang reaksyon mo kasi sabi ni Shine sa isang interview sinabi daw niya sa 'yo magpakabait ka na, last chance mo na 'to,” the interviewer was heard telling Cesar.

“Ahh, ah oo nga meron siyang advice, so okay, parang ano, oo eh,” the actor said in reply.

He then gave his own unsolicited advice, saying that Macky should be Shine’s “the one,” saying the QC councilor is very kind and handsome, adding that he already met him.

“Eh di advice ko rin sa kanya sana si Macky na, wag niya nang anuhin, sila na, ang bait-bait ng tao ang gwapo-gwapo pa, na-meet ko eh,” Cesar said.

When asked if he was in favor of Macky for his ex-wife, Cesar answered in the affirmative.

“Oo, sana sila na. Pabor ako kay Macky, na-meet ko kasi,” the actor said.