Ruffa Gutierrez, thankful at may bashers: "Yung iba, naghuhubad, di pa rin pinapansin"

Ruffa Gutierrez became very frank when she was interviewed by Mario Dumaual during the mediacon of "Martyr or Murderer."

The actress was asked about having bashers.

She then said that she does not actually mind the bashers, and is in fact grateful that she has them considering that she does not actually do anything.

"I'm just so grateful na kahit wala akong ginagawa, nagkakaroon ng bashers. Kasi yung iba naman, andami nang ginagawa, naghuhubad, hindi pa rin pinapansin," the actress added.

In the same interview, she also said that she is simply into characterization, portraying the role of Imelda Marcos.

Ruffa also said that she felt honored to be part of the movie, which she said was a trilogy.

The actress also said that the first part of the trilogy, "Maid in MalacaƱang" was dubbed as the top grossing film of 2022.

Sharmaine Ruffa Rama Gutierrez is a beauty queen, actress, and model from the Philippines. She is the daughter of celebrities Eddie Gutierrez and Annabelle Rama. She was the second runner-up in Miss World 1993 pageant. She has two children, Lorin Gabriella and Venezia Loran with her former husband, Yilmaz Bektas.