Video ng paglalaba ng anak ni Beauty Gonzalez na si Olivia, viral

Beauty Gonzalez and Norman Crisologo's unica hija, Olivia, has recently caught the attention of several netizens due to her viral video.

Just recently, we learned that on her Instagram page, they shared a video of Olivia helping out with the laundry.

In the viral video, Olivia, the unica hija of Beauty and Norman, sat on a mini stool as she cleaned several clothes by hand.

As Olivia cleaned, the man behind the camera took her attention and asked, "Liv, mahirap ba ang buhay?" to which the latter shook her head.

Meanwhile, in the video, the words "life lessons" were written below, prompting netizens to laud Olivia's parents as well for teaching her how to do clean clothes.

In 2022, Beauty made headlines after being touched by the prayer that her daughter, Olivia, had written when they visited a church.

Aside from this, Beauty told Trending Bytes in an earlier report how Olivia changed her life after the latter was born.

Watch the video below: