Zeinab Harake, ang gusto na "bigboy" ay may tangkad na 6'1 pataas

Zeinab Harake took to IG Stories and shared two photos of couples where it was very evident that the man is really tall as compared to his girlfriend.

The vlogger then added a caption where she stated that the "bigboy" that she wants is someone who stands 6'1" and up.

"Ang bigboy na gusto ko ay mga 6'1 up," Zeinab said.

She then added that it would seem that if she would be after such a guy, it would be quite difficult.

"Sa tangkad ko malabo din ata ako magkajowa kung ganto ang gusto ko," Zeinab added.

At the lower portion of her post, she made another caption about staying single.

"Sige stay single sis standard pa," the vlogger added.

Zeinab is one of the most popular vloggers and social media stars in the Philippines. She is best known for the unique and creative content in her vlogs. The star was in a relationship with Skusta Clee, a Filipino rapper, songwriter, and record producer. He is also a member of Ex Battalion, a popular Filipino hip-hop group.